Interested in Saving Our History?

The South Western Electricity Historical Society wishes to recruit persons interested in electricity history and/or the industrial archaeology of the South Western area of England

Who Are We?
What Do We Do?

  1. Meetings & visits throughout the South West (approx. 7 or 8) per year,which are usually held on a Saturday.
  2. Look after South Western Electricity Archive based at Redland, Bristol, which involves answering history enquiries from the public.
  3. Rescuing many electricity archives and records.
  4. Maintaining a small Electricity Museum at Redland, Bristol.
  5. Developing an Education/Visitor Centre at Cairns Road, Redland, Bristol.
  6. Weekend away every two years.

Visit the Museum

Current membership stands at around 100 throughout the S.W. Peninsula, so there's a good chance of seeing someone you know.

Come and join us at only 7.50 per annum

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