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The First Public Electricity Supplies In The South West

is a new addition to the website provided by Peter Lamb following research he carried out following a query by a TV company . It is located in on the Generating Sites page and can be reached by clicking on the above heading

Tramways Section

Tram ShedAmongst the photos bequeathed to the SWEHS Archives by Eric Edmonds I found three which are directly concerned with the Camborne Redruth Tramway and I have added them to his Article in the Tramways Section.

The adjacent thumbnail is of one of the particularily interesting photos with a detailed explanation of the maintenance being carried out. The others are a photo of the staff and one of the mineral trains.

John Perkin has completed his screed on the Falmouth & Swanpool Beach Railway with photos of the type of locomotive and carriages used.

The Latest Supplement

Nikola Tesla - The Electrical Genius

Peter Lamb writes:
I have been intrigued with Nikola Tesla for many years, since he has appeared in so many documents I have read on electricity history and is credited with inventing many devices, especially the AC polyphase motor as far back as 1883. So I have often asked myself why he is so little known and, if Tesla's AC motor was available so far back in time, why was it not used until the 1930's? The DC motor was the industrial "work-horse" from the 1890's for four decades at least due to its variable speed facility for starting. I am told that his AC motor was a single speed motor and wasn't suitable for heavy industrial loads, until variable speed devices were invented.

Latest Histelec News No.29
April 2005

  1. Sunshine Blessing On You All!
  2. Annual General Meeting
  3. SWEB Chronology
  4. Sussex-By-The-Sea
  5. Marconi Archives
  6. Nuclear Lobby
  7. Archives Received
  8. Saltford Brass Mills
  9. Ferranti Cable
  10. Coast Electric (SWEB)
  11. Peter Tudball Remembers Minehead Electric Supply Company & Beyond
  12. Visit To The Helicopter Museum & Annual Winter Luncheon
  13. Hayle Generating Station - A Unique Connection
  14. Sailing Close To The Wind
  15. Members News
  16. Non-Petrol Cars
  17. To Be An Engineer

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Contributions of photos for the Album - items for the Study Corner (have you visited it?) - Links to other interesting sites - these will always be welcomed.

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  Tue 19/04/2005 23:17   
Your name if you please? Rob Hanson
Where are you from? Crudwell
Do you have any comments?  Glad to see you've noted us on your website. Please do visit us again in the near future. We always welcome group bookings and have a non-smoking restaurant where we may accomodate meetings etc. Our menu is ever changing so next time the SWEHS are in Crudwell you'll have to try our Crocodile steaks!!! 01666 577 833 .
Rob (OBO Christopher Allsopp and Ms Gina Hanson)

Crudwell?? Know it - been there - Somerset? No - Devon?? - Isn't Cornish - Can't remember - Search for it - Wroughton visit No - Kemble 2001 - The Plough Inn - Without Professor Knowall would have taken weeks to rediscover - must remember when we are out that way again.

Marcus Palmen - SWEHS Web Master

  Mon 28/03/2005 20:41  
Your name if you please?  Barrie Phillips
Where are you from?  Thorverton , Devon
Do you have any comments? Hello fellow members,

Just a note to let you know that, with a little help from some friends, we are again holding the West of England Vintage Wireless Fair at Willand Village Hall on Sunday 17th April 2005, 10:30am to 3:00pm. Admission just 2.50, accompanied under 16's free.

There will be numerous stalls, radios, TV's, gramophones & ephemera, bring & buy stall, mini-auction, knob competition, home made refreshments, free parking.

Just 5 mins from junction 27 on M5.

Hope to see some of you there.

Barrie Phillips

This email must have sneaked in during one of my senior moments - Just discovered it - Apologies but not too late

- Web Master

  Tue 15/03/2005 15:22  
Your name if you please?  Ed Davis
Where are you from?  Bristol? UK
Do you have any comments? Worked in Oakfield Rd Clifton, CEGB. As a telecommunications fitter, Travelled throughout the South West powerstations & subs, service between 1961/2001 and will visit Cairns Rd in Redland.

Thanks - Ed Davis

You will be welcome

- Web Master

  Wed 02/03/2005 21:00  
Your name if you please?  David (Bray) Harris
Where are you from?  350 1750 Pembins Hwy Winnipeg MB Canada
Do you have any comments? I am trying to contact a Mr.Ian Bishop who has been kind enough to supply my daughter Mary Sawtell, of Vancouver, BC, Canada with a photograph of the tram terminus where my father was killed in a tram accident at the Fushpond Terminus. My father was Vincent Bray Your help would be very much appreciated.

Can anyone help? I will contact Bristol Tramway enthusiasts who may able to assist

- Web Master

  Thu 27/01/2005 18:36  
Your name if you please?  Charles Farr
Do you have any comments? Difficult to find a contact telephone or email address

Thank you for your message - I do note that we have no simple contact page on site - in fact our contact page is the "who are we" page which gives the three contacts available. It does not automatically come to mind when searching for contacts.

So I have modified that page and added contact linkages. I hope this serves the purpose!

- Web Master

  Thu 06/01/2005 20:52  
Your name if you please?  Adrian Lawton
Do you have any comments? Well done. Had the pleasure of working at East Yelland as a trainee in 1973/74 and was involved in the decommissioning of Newton Abbot PS. Ended up at Carmarthen Bay PS in Burry Port South Wales. Ever thought of extending your reach to South Wales to create a Wales and the West Society. Still involved with the industry 31 years later - love it. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for your comments - with the successor to SWEB distribution engineering - Western Power Distribution having expanded into South Wales and with the increasing interest shown by the Society in items outside its original borders your suggestion may be pertinent.

- Web Master