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This Page contains information on Books, Articles and Pamphlets prepared within the Society. Arrangements are underway to have copies available for a nominal fee.

Documents available on site are underlined - clicking on them takes you to them.

Details of available Speakers on associated subjects are listed.

Professor A.Knowall will assist you with any facts regarding Generation and Distribution of Electricity in the South West as well as details of the personages involved in the development of electrical power throughout the world.

Electricity History in The South West

1. Bristol to 1948 in booklet form by Peter Lamb.
2. Taunton to 1948 in booklet form by Peter Lamb & David Gledhill.
3. Bath to 1974 in booklet form by William Eyles.
4. Plymouth to 1948 for a Devon Association pamphlet by Ted Luscombe.
5. Lynton and Lynmouth as a supplement (1st) by Wally Gilson.
6. Christy Bros in the South West i.e. North Somerset & West Devon as a supplement by Peter Lamb and the late Eric Lodge.
7. SWEB Helicopters as a supplement by Peter Lamb.
8. Pocket Power Stations as a supplement by John Gale.
9. Over 100 years of Public Supplies in Devon for the Devon County Show by Peter Lamb.
10.The Story of SWEB’s Rural Electrification by Graham Warburton
11.Electricity In Cornwall
....Part 1 - The Camborne & Redruth Tramway
....Part 2 - Cornwall Electric Power Company
supplements by Eric Edmunds
12.Early Days Of Electricity In The South West - 1850-1900by Peter Lamb
13.Early Days Of Electricity In Exeter - 1882-1904 By Peter Lamb
14.History Of Chagford Electricity Supply By Peter Lamb
15.Forty Years Of SWEB (1988) By Peter Lamb
16.Hydro-Electric Schemes In Mines In W.Devon & E.Cornwall
by Peter Richardson (Supplement to April 1997 Histelec News)
17.Ferranti's Deptford Power Station
(Supplement to December 2003 Histelec News)

Speakers Available

Peter Lamb’s Slide/Talks
Covering The South Of The Country
    The story of electricity supply development in Bristol from 1863 to 1948, showing little seen photographs of old Bristol.
    Electricity development in the South West at the very earliest times from 1850 to 1910, showing old photographs from all the main towns in the S.W. peninsula.
    Electrical appliance development from the 1880’s, through the twenties and thirties with additional help from some smaller appliances.
Contact Address :-
35 Station Road, Backwell, Bristol BS48 3NH
Tel : 01275 463160
Fee : £25.00 + Travelling Expenses

Colin Hill’s Talk
Covering The North Of The Country

    Domestic electricity and appliances up to the 1950’s, illustrated with additional help from some smaller appliances, including some unusual gadgets.

Contact Address :-
7 Station Approach, Honley, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire HD7 2LD
Tel : 01484 666206
Fee : A Donation to the Woodland Trust + Travelling Expenses


We wish to dispose of Institution of Electrical Engineers Journals from 1923 to 1949, 35 volumes (40 books), Vol. 61 (1923) to Vol. 96 (1949) inclusive all handsomely bound in good condition. £3.00 per book ONO.
Contact the Secretary : P.G. Lamb
Tel : 01275 463160 or

History of Electricity

Professor Knowall

Professor A.Knowall has left us apparently in high dudgeon
- Too few questions asked and no interesting articles submitted -
However before departing he bequeathed us with a hidden document that contains the Basic Historical Information that we as interested parties should know. I am still searching for it - and when I find it I shall ensure that this document can be reached by using his site searcher below and asking a questions on the subject of the History of Electricity. I understand that once reached it contains links to web sources of information on the subject broached. In the meantime the site searcher can be used to find any thing published in the 100 documents available on site

Professor Knowall's Site Searcher


Computer Search

This is a New Searcher - Enter any keywords or phrases and the searcher will locate these in any of the documents on site. In addition as we are an Historical Society the searcher will look for particular years as well. Wild cards may now be used. Thus Cornwall, Carn Brea, Peter Lamb, SWEB, 1897, blet* park and swe? are all valid entries

Points are allocated by the searcher to documents in which the key words occur. The document with the highest score contains the most important occurences of the key words.

A Word Of Warning

Using this searcher means downloading a considerable portion of Professor Knowalls Brain - about 600kBytes in all - This takes little time on Broadband but can be too time consuming on a dialup modem connection. This only applies to the first question asked - subsequent ones are fast as use is made of the previous download.