N0.29 APR 2005 Nikola Tesla -The Electrical Genius
N0.28 DEC 2004 South Western Electricity Board Chronology
1948 – 1990
N0.27 AUG 2004 The View From My Window
N0.26 APR 2004 West Of England Electricity
N0.25 DEC 2003 Ferranti's Deptford Power Station
N0.24 AUG 2003 Electric Lyme
N0.23 APR 2003 Electricity In Cornwall - Part 2
N0.22 DEC 2002 Electricity In Cornwall - Part 1
N0.21 AUG 2002 1) Princetown Electricity Supply
2) SEEBOARD Experiences
N0.20 APR 2002 Massingham Family in the Bristol Area
N0.19 DEC 2001 Arc Lighting in Taunton
N0.18 SEP 2001 The Bideford and North Devon Weekly Gazette
December 13 1938
N0.17 APR 2001 The Story of SWEB’s Rural Electrification
N0.16 DEC 2000 Bletchley Park Code Breaking
N0.15 AUG 2000 Christy Bros in the South West
N0.14 APR 2000 Sir Humphry Davy of Penzance
N0.13 DEC 1999 SWEB's Pocket Power Stations
N0.12 AUG 1999 The Centenary of Plymouth Electricity
N0.11 APR 1999 William Murdoch - Cornwall's Gas Pioneer
N0.10 DEC 1998 Richard Trevithick - Cornwall's Pioneer of Steam
N0.9 AUG 1998 The 35 Year Story of SWEB Helicopter Unit
N0.8 APR 1998 1)Edison
2) Visit to Blagdon "B"
N0.7 JAN 1998 Transatlantic Cables
N0.6 AUG 1997 Electric Arc Lamps and Lighting System in Bristol
N0.5 APR 1997 Hydro-Electric Schemes in Mines in West Devon and East Cornwall
N0.4 JAN 1997 Electrifying the West
N0.3 SEP 1996 Marconi - The Father of Radio
N0.2 JUN 1996 Plympton St.Mary R.D.C. Undertaking
N0.1 FEB 1996 The Electricity Works - Lynton and Lynmouth

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