Cairns Road Museum and Meeting Room

Following several years of continued effort by dedicated members who have sacrificed time and energy in cleaning and decorating the inside and the outside of the Museum at Cairns Road the Results are now available for all to appreciate.

The Cleaned up Museum

Museum Room

The New Lecture Room

Meeting Room
A completely new facility is now available at Cairns Road. This is a Meeting Room that can be used for talks and lectures - A major change from the original Room that housed switchgear and where the walls and ceiling had been blackened by smoking compound. The open doors are symbolic of the 2nd Thursday in every month when Cairns Road is open to visitors in the morning at 10.30 am.
The adjacent view of the shelves and wall mounted boards containing the museum exhibits, can be operated by the symbols at the bottom of the picture. An enlarged view is obtained by clicking your mouse on the desired location.the enlargement can be of the top. middle or the bottom (floor) part of the selection according to the choice you make at the top of the viewer.

The list of the exhibits below is another way to obtain the enlarged views. Click on the ♠♠ symbols to go to the view nearest the specified exhibit!

Scanning The Museum Walls

Museum Exhibits

Museum Collection, Cairns Road, Redland, Bristol
as at 1st November 2004

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