The Thirsty Drum

(extract from)
The Strand Magazine, November 1899

drum1.jpg - 22364 BytesAn exciting scene occurred one morning in Nelson Street, Bristol, where an electric cable is being laid. The workmen had left one of the drums of cable standing on the top of a slight incline, and by some means or other it was started rolling down the slope. At the bottom of the hill there is an arch about 10 ft. wide (St. John's Arch), and it went clear through this and turned slightly to the left and crashed through a public-house window, completely demolishing the front of the premises. The drum weighs 53cwt., and if it had gone 2ft. more to the right it would have knocked down the pillar shown in the photograph, and brought the whole house down. Several persons had narrow escapes, but fortunately no one was injured. The photograph was forwarded by Mr. C. M. Fairclough, of Ockham, Keynsham, near- Bristol.