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Computer Search

This is a New Searcher - Enter any keywords or phrases and the searcher will locate these in any of the documents on site. In addition as we are an Historical Society the searcher will look for particular years as well. Wild cards may now be used. Thus Cornwall, Carn Brea, Peter Lamb, SWEB, 1897, blet* park and swe? are all valid entries

Points are allocated by the searcher to documents in which the key words occur. The document with the highest score contains the most important occurences of the key words.

A Word Of Warning

Using this searcher means downloading a considerable portion of Professor Knowalls Brain - about 600kBytes in all - This takes little time on Broadband but can be too time consuming on a dialup modem connection. This only applies to the first question asked - subsequent ones are fast as use is made of the previous download.

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Sites with Reciprocal Links

The Institution of Electrical Engineers
The IEE Network for Professional Engineers - History of Technology
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Other Sites

The Public Records Office - The National Archives
Bristol Records Office
Cornwall Record Office
Devon Records Office - Exeter & Torquay
Plymouth & West Devon Records Office
Somerset Records

Bristol Times - Evening Post Historical Supplement
Devon County Council
Devon Museums
Cornwall County Council

The Science Museum
Manchester Museum of Science and Industry
Southern Electric Museum
Amberley Museum (The Milne Collection from SEEB)

Marconis Atlantic Leap - Paper on Marconi's site
Michael Faraday - Paper at The Royal Institution
Edisonian Museum
The Marconi Archives
Smithsonian - Electricity
Theatre of Electricity

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